Refers to the process of transformation initiated by the practice of Yoga which culminates in awakening to your true nature, actualizing yourself fully in daily life, and becoming a force of good that uplifts others. (This is not a new style of yoga, simply Yoga applied within the modern lifestyle with deep respect for the ancient tradition.)

Inner Revolution Yoga
Inner Revolution
  • Radical or complete change that starts from within
  • Profound change of your inner paradigm
  • Fundamental shift in ways of thinking, being, and doing
  • Activity designed to initiate deep, internal transformation

A Path of Radical Authenticity - Begin Within

Yoga: Realize Your True Potential
  • Develop habits of happiness
  • Reduce the patterns that produce pain & suffering
  • Live authentically, aware, & activated
  • Evolve into a beneficial influencer in the world
  • Discover the art of fulfillment on purpose

Inner Revolution